Apple Acres


Keith and Beverly Nuttelman inspect their apples at Apple Acres near Riverdale. They bought the land 25 years ago and you could say the business grew on them.
"The previous owner was an apple lover and that's what he planted and that's what we learned to know, what we're comfortable with and like doing," explained Keith.
The Nuttelmans devote 2 acres out of their 80 on the farm to nearly 375 apple trees. There's a different variety for everyone from honey crisp, red delicious, to gala.
"It's something different to do throughout the year. It's nice to be outside in the outdoors and Keith and I get to work together on them and that's alright," said Beverly.
Every apple is hand picked at Apple Acres. They're then washed and inspected, making sure there's no bad apples in the bunch. Visitors come and buy the apple of their eye in a bushel or five pound bag. Many also enjoy the fresh apple cider.
"We enjoy the sales part of it this time of year. People come out and walk through the trees and enjoy what we've been doing all year. It's rewarding," Keith said.
Many preschool groups and families walk through the eight rows of trees. For some, it's a tradition every time fall comes around.
"It's fun to have the kids come out for the tours. They like to come out into the trees and walk through the orchard because there's enough trees to make it seem like a big orchard. It's fun for the kids to come through and when they bite into that apple they really like it," Beverly said.
Apple Acres grew on the Nuttelmans. It was an investment that blossomed into a fall hobby and business that produces much fruit.
Apple Acres is open for sales and tours Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Be sure to call ahead for large groups.