Appointments Now Needed for Fingerprinted by Nebraska State Patrol


As of Monday, April 8, the Nebraska State Patrol will be requiring appointments for fingerprinting services offered at their Investigative Services Center, 3800 NW 12 Street, Suite A, in Lincoln.

Those needing to be fingerprinted for a Nebraska permit or licensure, can do so by making an appointment during regular business hours by calling 402.479.4971.

"In the past you just came outand had to wait in line to get your fingerprints taken," said Colonel DavidSankey, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. "It is our hope that byscheduling appointments, we can limit the wait for those citizens needing thisservice."

Fingerprintingservices are provided by the Nebraska State Patrol free of charge. A listof Nebraska permits or licensures covered for printing services can be found onthe Nebraska State Patrol website under FingerprintingAppointments.