Apps Available to Keep Your Heart Healthy, or Perhaps Save Someone's Life


February is Heart Health Month and Verizon Wireless is sharing a few apps that could help keep an eye on your own health or even help others during an emergency situation.

Because strokes and heart attacks are unpredictable,it's important to be able to access information quickly in the event of anemergency. Kassi Wessing, with the American Heart Association, said the Spota Stroke F.A.S.T. app is a simple, yet critical tool tohelp identify the symptoms of a stroke:

F-face drooping
A-arm weakness
S-speech difficulty
T-time to call 9-1-1.

"Users are also able to identify other symptoms of astroke and call 9-1-1 directly from the app – two very important steps togetting a stroke victim to the hospital for treatment as quickly as possible toimprove their recovery outcomes," Wessing said.

In case of a suspected heart attack, the Hands-OnlyCPRapp shows users how to administer first aid and walks them through thepotentially life-saving steps that should be taken while waiting for help toarrive.

"This simple app shows you how to performcompressions on someone who has suddenly collapsed and even gives you a beat tofollow so you know you are doing them at the correct rate," Wessing said.

Maintaining heart healthy habits are agood way to prevent potential emergencies, and Wessing recommends starting withregular physical activity. The American Heart Association has created an appcalled the WalkingPath, which allows users to create, find and trackwalking paths anytime, anywhere.

"Whether you're looking for a quick, one-mile routeto get in some exercise over your lunch break or you want to identify along-distance route near your home, this app helps you find a path that fitsyour walking/running style," Wessing said.

Other heart-helpful apps and smart accessoriesavailable include:

InstantHeart Rate Monitor: This cardiograph app measures yourheart rate by analyzing blood flow on the tip of your finger. Results areinstant, and heart rates are in real time.

HandyLogsHeart: A blood pressure and cholesterol tracker thatmonitors and helps maintain healthy levels. Results are shown witheasy-to-visualize graphs.

iHealthWireless Blood Pressure Monitor: This tool measuresyour blood pressure, heart rate and pulse wave. It then creates charts to trackand compare blood pressure recordings. Results can be shared with family andyour doctor.

FitBitFlex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband: The FitBit tracks thesteps you've taken, the distance covered and the number of calories you'veburned. It also monitors how well you sleep, which is when your body recoversfrom exercise.

FitbitAria Wi-Fi Smart Scale: Thistool tracks your weight, body fat and body mass index. You can upload yourstats via Wi-Fi and share your success via your mobile device. You also can setgoals, log meals and workouts.

Courtesy- Verizon Wireless