April is Designated Public Health Month in Nebraska


Governor Dave Heineman will be signing a proclamation announcing April as Public Health Month inNebraska.

"Public Health is Return onInvestment (ROI): Save Lives, Save Money" is the theme for this year.

According to the American Public HealthAssociation, 75 percent of our health care costs are related to treating preventableconditions, but we spend only 3 percentof our health care dollars on preventing diseases.

The United States spends far more on health care than anyother country, with such costs rising tenfold from 1980 to 2010 and expected torise faster than national income during the future, according to a statement from Two Rivers Public Health Department.

National data shows that investing just $10 per person eachyear in proven, community-based public health efforts could save the nationmore than $16 billion within five years. That's a $5.60 return for every $1invested. Each 10 percent increase in local public health spending contributesto a 6.9 percent decrease in infant deaths, a 3.2 percent decrease incardiovascular deaths, a 1.4 percent decrease in deaths due to diabetes and a1.1 percent decrease in cancer deaths.

Two Rivers is hosting a Public Health Month coffee gathering at their office in Holdrege on Friday, April 19, from 9:30-11 a.m. They are also sponsoring a coloring contest for second graders within the district. The theme is: "I make my home safe and healthy by…."

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