Arbor Lodge


It's unlike any other place in the state. Nebraska City has more than 150 varieties of trees on 300 acres of parks.

Randy Fox, Maintenance Supervisor for the Arbor Lodge Historical Park, said, "The whole key to this was the fact that J. Sterling Morton came from a tree state - Michigan - and so he spent a lot of time bringing trees up from the river banks. And then eventually he brought trees in from all over the country."

Even after major renovations to Morton's estate, the area is still brimming with history. But the additions to the town are just as endless, making it fun for the entire family. The Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure gets youngsters hands-on with nature, in hopes they'll carry on Morton's legacy.

Susan Billups from the Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure said, "There's a saying that you can't expect a child to save the environment if he first doesn't learn to love it."

And there's a lot to love, see, and do in Nebraska City. If you can't do it all in one day, visitors can stay at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center and feel like they've never left the outdoors, even to sleep.

Jim Johnston, Executive Director for Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce, said, "It is unmatched to any other place I've been in Nebraska."

Reporter's Notes by Crystal Calloway:

Julius Sterling Morton came to Nebraska to be editor of the Nebraska City newspaper.

He became the Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland.

In 1872, Morton and his wife Caroline established Arbor Day and planted more than a million trees to mark the first holiday. Nebraska City recently celebrated its 135th Anniversary.

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