Arc of Buffalo County Holding Annual Honey Sunday Drive


TheArc of Buffalo County will host their 48th annual Arc Honey Sunday fundraisingdrive in Kearney on Sunday, November 4. Honey Sunday is an annual fund-raiser and awareness event for The Arcsall over Nebraska, including The Arc of Buffalo County.

The Arc will be sending HoneySunday volunteers door to door in Kearney area neighborhoods on Sunday,November 4, to ask for $5.00 donations for 12 ounce honey bears. If you miss an opportunity to support The Arcon Nov. 4th, then please visit our Honey Sunday booths at Wal-Martthe following weekends in November.Additionally, surrounding towns also participate in Honey Sunday on theremaining Sundays in November.

The Arc of Buffalo County's mission is to enrich the lives ofindividuals with developmental disabilities and their families through support,programs and advocacy. The program's mainsupport, besides the funding from the United Way of the Kearney Area, comesfrom funds raised in the annual Honey Sunday Drive.

Their programs serve about 250 individuals with developmental disabilities of allages and their families and include:

  • Monthly individualized recreation outings foradults with developmental disabilities;
  • Group socials and holiday celebrations opento all people with disabilities and their families and staff;
  • People First of Kearney monthly meetings/activities(promoting adult self-advocacy skills);
  • Buddy Bowling- an 8-week bowling leaguematching a person with a disability with a UNK student;
  • Saturday Craft Class - offered twice monthly,year around;
  • Youth and teen programs that offer respitefor parents and opportunities for youth to join in on age appropriate activities in the community;
  • Sibshops for siblings of youth withdisabilities;
  • Free respite at KidZone Kearney AreaChildren's Museum for children with disabilities and their siblings, first Thursday of every month, 6-8 p.m.;
  • Self Advocacy training, including use of amonthly visual community inclusive opportunities calendar;
  • Parent trainings about disability issues; and
  • Communication through our newsletter, website,e-mail, phone and personal advocacy to help individualsand groups. The Arc also provides disability information to schools andcommunity groups.

BoardMembers from The Arc of Buffalo County are also using the Honey Sundayfundraiser to promote their new ongoing locking shoe laces fundraiser todirectly benefit our local Arc chapter.Locking shoe laces are laces that require no tying! They have a lock that keeps the laces secure withouttying.

The elastic laces make shoes verycomfortable to wear, as users can simply slip on their shoe with the lockingshoe laces. The Arc selected thisfundraiser to provide a helpful tool for the individuals we serve who havedevelopmental disabilities and might struggle with tying typical laces. Many people with disabilities avoidpurchasing shoes that tie, and their options (such as Velcro shoes) limit theirchoices.

The laces come in a variety of fun colors,and only cost $5 per pair. Laces will beavailable for purchase when we host Wal-Mart honey booths, or folks can callThe Arc office anytime to order a pair. Fundingfrom the locking laces will make it possible for our local chapter to meet thefunding demands that our growing agency is facing, while benefiting many ofthe folks we proudly serve.

The Arc is looking foradditional volunteers for Kearney and the surrounding towns, so please call theArc of Buffalo County at 308-237-4343 for more information. Community organizations such as church youthgroups, Boy and Girl Scouts, and others are invited to volunteer to help makeHoney Sunday a success.