Arcadia Public School

School Mascot: Huskies

School Colors: Red/White/Black

Number of Students in School:

Students in Band:

School Founded: 1934

Is your school consolidated? Yes, but only in sports

When did it consolidate? 2013

With what other towns? Loup City

Students are from: Arcadia, Ord, Comstock, Westerville, Loup City, Ansley and surrounding areas

Population of To 320

Years Attending HOH: 25 years

Miles Traveled to Grand Island: 65 miles


Facts/Trivia: The Huskies Marching Band has a long tradition of excellence in performance. Students are dedicated to music and enjoy achieving as musicians. The Huskies Band traveled to Mt. Rushmore to play at the monument on Memorial Day 2015.

What previous awards has your band won?

Drum Major:

Band Director: Christine Lewis

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