Archway Advisory Committee Already Brewing Ideas


Kearney City Council has named five people to be part of the new Archway Advisory Committee. The volunteer group includes Tami Hellman, Art Hansen, Steve England, Jinny Turman and Jason Everett.

Steve England works for the Investment Property Exchange in Kearney and has recruited several businesses to the city, such as the Kearney Cinema 8. He says he's excited to be a member of this board.

"I think the archway is kind of an icon. The community can use it to recruit families off the interstate and make people aware there's jobs available in our community and it's a great lifestyle," said England.

Kearney Public Schools Director of Facilities Art Hansen was heavily involved in designing the elementary schools. He says he already has some ideas for the museum.

"Large animal displays -- I mean live animals so when they're going down the interstate the kids would say, 'dad look, buffalo,'" said Hansen.

Hansen has plans to retire soon and wants to help out the community after retirement.