Archway Thinking of Event Ideas to Bring People Back for Repeat Visits


The Kearney Archway is trying to connect with the community just months after many were calling for the city and county not to fund the place.

The museum is planning on having more events at the arch as a way to bring community members in.

They are looking for ways to make people to visit for a second time. Ideas include: a haunted maze, pumpkin carving, Christmas tree decorating and an Easter egg hunt.

“Get people involved; get Kearney involved so that when people think of Kearney they think of the Archway. The citizens get in the mindset as well,” said Archway marketer Jace Robinson.

The Archway Society will be looking to raise $300,000 from local businesses over the next couple of years. A portion of that would go towards special events.

One visitor of the Archway pitched his event idea after giving the place a tour.

“Set up some wagons and make it look like a wagon train and a chuck wagon dinner outside over an open fire type of dinner promotion that would be interesting to bring me back,” suggested Tracy Teeters.

Despite being closed the first two months of the year, attendance is up. This year the museum reports revenue is up 35 percent from 2013.