Archway Traffic Promising After Re-open


In just over a month since reopening changes made to Kearney's Archway monument seem to be taking an encouraging hold. Now, officials say they need to build on the momentum.

They say the Archway is seeing a bump in attendance. But they continue to work on ideas to bring more people in from the interstate.

March typically sees more visitors because of the crane migration, and it's too soon to tell if the new exit has helped, so officials are focusing on the basics.

Archway Marketing Director Jace Anderson said, "We're really focusing on that right now. And so then as we get that foundation solid, built up, then we hope to be able to go back through that list of ideas so we can see what we can do to not just make the experience better, but to make it really, really special."

Officials say the recent travel writers tour has also helped boost attendance.