Area Basketball Team Helps Hastings Family


A Hastings high school basketball team shooting threes for three, showing sportsmanship doesn't just apply to the opponents they meet on the court. Friday night, it also helped three junior teammates struggling with a genetic disease.

A three pointer from the corner was just an example of how the St. Cecilia Bluehawks helped raise $360 this season for the Vertin family. Three of their sons are battling Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.

During Friday night's game, the team presented the Vertin family with their contribution.

Family members says they're grateful to the community for all the support.

"The Hastings Catholic Schools and the community has been wonderful to the family," said donation recipient Jason Vertin. "We're grateful for everything they've done in the past and what they would ever do in the future."

"To have so many people loving us and praying for us and just really, the heart of the school is wrapped around us and that means more to us, there are no words to describe." said Mrs. Vertin.

The donation will help pay for travel expenses for the family's medical trip to Cincinnati and fund research for the disease.