Area Fire Crews Busy With Saturday Afternoon Fires


      Central Nebraska fire crews busy with two different types of fires on Saturday.

      A barn was destroyed after a fire near Roseland Saturday afternoon. The fire chief says he got a call about three, alerting him to the flames north of town.

      Officials say the landowner was burning grass earlier, thought it was extinguished but the fire rekindled. A tractor that was stored inside the barn was also destroyed.

      The fire took only minutes to put out, but crews stayed on scene for a couple hours for cleanup.

      Juniata and Kenesaw fire crews were also on scene to injuries were reported.

      The Buffalo County Sheriff's office is also investigating why a pasture caught fire Northwest of Kearney Saturday afternoon.

      Authorities say they were called to Sartoria and 56th roads around 3:30 in the afternoon.

      Kearney Volunteer Fire called Amherst and Elm Creek departments in as a precaution – because of the dry conditions. Crews had the fire under control within an hour.

      Officials say no property was damaged.