Area Students Get a Feel of What School was Like 100 Years Ago


One room school houses may be a thing of the past but they are a part of our pioneer history. And thanks to the Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege, area students have been getting a better idea of what school life was like for children long ago.

The Educational Service Unit in Holdrege sponsors the event that's been taking place over the last week.

Classes have been going on in the old Snowball school room, which was at one time a working country school house.

Along with learning the history of the former school house, kids have been participating in class activities and games the way children would have 100 years ago.

"Here they are doing something that they've never seen before, something that was done 100 years ago," said museum director Dan Christensen. "When they get the ink pots out and the fountain pens and start making handkerchief dolls, play the hoop rolling game and paddle game, and some of these thing they are doing things that are fun for them, and yet haven't been done for years and years and years, so it's really exciting to see them enjoy that."

Teachers provided by ESU educate the students for the day. They dress in period clothes, and some classes even went all out and dressed up in pioneer clothes themselves for the day.

Christensen said students used to come in for these types of field trips and hopes that they can continue the tradition for years to come.