Around the House- Anderson Bros.


Getting ready for winter might mean looking into new ways to heat your home.

What kind of systems are available to heat your home?

Most of the systems we install are going to be along the lines of a Carrier electric or gas style furnace, but we are installing more and more Carrier Geo-thermal and air source heat pumps for heating your home.

What are Geo-thermal and air source heat pumps?

A Geo-thermal heat pump uses energy from ground water or from the ground itself, while an air source heat pump uses the energy from the outdoor air to heat you home. Heat pumps are also your air conditioner.

What is the most efficient way to heat my home?

Carrier's water source Geo-thermal heat pumps are the most efficient, but Carrier has come out with a new air source heat pump system that is pretty close. It's called the Infinity Green Speed System. It has the capability of fully heating your home down to a zero degree outdoor temperature. It also has a touch screen thermostat with internet access allowing you to control your system from anywhere.

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