As Weather Warms, NSP Encourages Motorcycle Safety Awareness


Thursday is the first day of May, which is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. As such, the Nebraska State Patrol is reminding drivers to "share the road" and help prevent motorcycle crashes.

Many more motorcyclists are hitting the road as the weather warms up and NSP's Colonel David Sankey says drivers should be alert at all times. "By increasing our awareness, we can help to prevent crashes," Sankey added.

According to the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, three people have already died this year in crashes involving motorcycles. Last year, 14 people were killed in Nebraska motorcycle crashes.

Drivers are reminded to be vigilant when checking mirrors and blind spots as a motorcycle's smaller profile may be missed during a quick look.

Likewise, motorcyclists are reminded that they must follow the same rules of the road as other drivers and must have a Class M license or endorsement to operate a motorcycle.

“Sharing the road means watching out for each other. Please do your part to help keep our roads safe,” Sankey shared.