Ashton Celebrates 125 Years


Many visitors stopped by Ashton this weekend to help the community celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Organizers say it took two years and plenty of fine tuning to plan events from street dances to a melodrama, but residents say it's taken even more work to keep their small town in Sherman County alive.

"We have businesses that have been here since the beginning of this town, family owned," said Ashton Community Club vice president Sue Goc. "And everybody just sticks together and stays in town."

"I think Ashton is a thriving little community because of the efforts of its people," said Ellen and Richard Erganian. "They all come together and they realize the importance of these small towns and how they are disappearing and so the people here have worked really hard to keep it going and they've done a marvelous job."

As part of the 125th anniversary festivities, the town celebrated its farming roots with an old time thrashing bee.

Equipment used today was considered modern in its time, and while Sunday's demonstration sparked memories for some, for many others it was a lesson in farming practices of the past.

"A lot of younger fellas haven't, a lot of them haven't seen this before," said event co-coordinator Wayne Glinsmann.

Glinsmann hopes to hold more thrashing bees to coincide with community events in the future.