Aspiring Singers Show Off Their Talents at the X-Factor Auditions


Hundreds of contestants across Nebraska believe they have the X–Factor, as they flocked to the Conestoga Mall Thursday to prove their talents.

Over one hundred contestants waited in long lines in Grand Island, all eagerly anticipating their chance to sing in front of the judges.

Although most competing had their hearts set to win the free pass to the national auditions in Colorado, some simply hoped for something more.

"What I hope to gain is the experience that someone heard me, I can go up there and they can say okay you're either good or you have to get better. At least I had the guts to finally be like I want to be here," said contestant Kimberly Villanueva.

Growing up, Kimberly said she had a rough childhood, so singing allows her to escape from reality.

"I just feel like a whole different person when I sing, in real life I'm shy but when it comes to me singing on stage I can do whatever," she said.

It's Kimberly's mom and brothers who motivated her to audition, proving to be her number one fans.

Kimberly's mom said, "It's a great opportunity for her, and if she has a dream I'm going to support it."

The road doesn't end there for four lucky acts who will now continue to Denver for the national auditions in front of X-Factor producers. Season 3 begins this fall on Fox.