Assistive Technology Aids Individuals with Disabilities in Performing Everyday Tasks


Assistive technology may sound like something from the latest animated movie or maybe something to give a computer extra memory or storage space, but AT is actually something we can all use everyday.

Officially, AT is any tool that helps a person with a disability perform a task or activity of daily living. It can be something simple like a tool -- a special hammer, shovel or broom -- or very specialized equipment to help with a specific need -- like a chair lift or telephone reader for someone with a hearing impairment.

AT can be very useful for farmers, ranchers or even those just working in their backyard. Arthritis and chronic back pain are two conditions that plague many Americans and some of the same pieces of AT used by a person with a disability can be used by everyone to help prevent such health hazards.

Examples of AT include ergonomic tools. These tools are available at many hardware and kitchen stores. They may be essential for someone with a disability, but can also be helpful for anyone in performing tasks without pain.

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