Attendance Down at Grand Island Water Park


Swimmers are crowding Grand Island’s water park on its last weekend, but staff say that hasn't been the case for most of the summer.

Island Oasis closes for the season at 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

Saturday, swimmers took advantage of the warm temperatures.

"Today we're pretty pleased with the crowd we got because it was overcast and really foggy this morning. Numbers are down from years before, but it's been a lot of cooler temps," said Diane Miller, facility manager.

Miller said capital improvements to the park could also impact attendance.

"We haven't really had anything going on out here for about 12 years, and in order to keep the people drawing, they need to step it up and keep the park open," said Miller of the city council’s need to fund Island Oasis.

She said the park already needs to replace its wave pool pump.

Miller said Lincoln Park pool had a great year. She said they were full most days.

The wading pools at Grace, Abbott, Pier, Lincoln, and Stolley Parks will be open through Labor Day.