Auction at UNK


Bidders and auctioneers came from all over to make offers on University of Nebraska-Kearney’s old equipment. The school was having an auction because they don’t want to throw away equipment they don’t need anymore.

This gave the public a chance to buy some stuff. Some people at the auction saw this as a chance to profit for themselves.

“We’re always looking for stuff we can pick up for the right price and resell it to make buck like the pickers on television,” said Bill Roberts.

The university auctioned off lots of treadmills and weight benches to make room for better equipment for their new gym that opens next semester. The event organizer explains the magic of an auction.

“People come to an auction there obviously looking for a bargain or they’re looking for that little treasure they’ve never seen one of those before. Usually there is 2-3 half a dozen of those at our surplus auction each year,” said Don Wellensiek.

Before the auction the school donated equipment to local churches and the fire department.