Aurora Police Chief Graduates from FBI Academy


Aurora's police chief is back on patrol, after spending the last three months learning from the best of the best. Godfrey Brokenrope just graduated from the FBI National Academy.
270 officers from around the world were part of an intense 11 week program that included classroom instruction, physical training, and more.
He's been an officer for 30 years, some of them a struggle, so this was especially meaningful.
Brokenrope said, "I've had to overcome a lot of obstacles and battles, personally and professionally, but they make me a stronger person and makes me appreciate what I've got – my family and career I chose. Know I made the right decision for a career." He's not the first Godfrey Brokenrope to go to Washington. He learned his grandfather met President Eisenhower. That Godfrey Brokenrope was a pastor and painter.
This Brokenrope had to complete a grueling six-mile obstacle course called the "yellow brick road."
He said he was worried about the physical training as well as the school work, since he never went to college.
How many dads can say their kids help them with homework? Chief Brokenrope said he had no idea how to do footnotes and a bibliography for those papers. Fortunately, his son Zac is a new high school English teacher and helped him.
He wrote 16 term papers, including one about a death investigation on Pine Ridge, influenced by his Lakota heritage.
Brokenrope has two sons and a daughter. His said his wife was supportive of his training, something he describes as a once in a lifetime experience.
He said he was able to network with law enforcement supervisors from across the world. Brokenrope said Americans often take for granted their right to due process. He said other agencies around the world will arrest, try, and convict suspects quickly. He said it's a hallmark of the American system to give suspects the presumption of innocence.