Authentic Mexican Salsas

Chile de Molcajete

  • 3 tomatoes

  • 2-5 jalapeño peppers

  • salt for taste

Toast both tomatoes and jalapeños until they are well toasted all all round. You will need to put them in aluminum and let them cool. This will allow the skin of the tomatoes and peppers to loosen. Once cooled, peel skin off of both and start smashing peppers first. Once peppers are completely smashed, add tomatoes and smash as well. Add a pinch of salt and enjoy.

Salsa Verde (Green Salsa)

  • 1 cup of ocotillos

  • 2-5 jalapeño peppers

  • salt

  • onion, thinly diced

  • cilantro, thinly diced

Boil both tomatillos and jalapeños in water until tomatillos and jalapeños have changed colors and. Cut stem off of jalapeños and blend in blender. Add cooked tomatillos and salt to taste and blend. Pour in bowl and mix in fresh onion and cilantro and top off your favorite tacos with this salsa or dip in chips.

Salsa Roja (Red Salsa)

  • 10 dried chile Guajillo peppers

  • 2 dried chile New Mexico or California peppers

  • 1 1/2 cup tomatillos

  • garlic

  • salt

Toast all dried chili peppers until they have darkened a bit on both sides, not burnt. Take off burner and take seeds out. Let soak for a minute or two to softened them up. Blend in blender until well blended. Pour in cooked tomatillo, garlic and salt and blend until smooth. Pour in bowl and enjoy with tacos, refried beans, rice, or quesadillas or any of your favorite foods.