Axtell Science Teacher Nominated for Dedication to Students


Dedication to students, helping them with career choices and pushing them to stay ahead in school; those are just some of the reasons an Axtell science teacher has been nominated for NTV's Outstanding Teacher Award.

Among cheers from Axtell's student section, science teacher William Wagner was presented as NTV's Outstanding Teacher during a school assembly.

Shelby Newman, a Junior at Axtell, said Wagner was one of the first teachers to enter her mind for the nomination because of his dedication to the students.

"He's just more understanding with us, he sits there and talks through it," said Newman. "He doesn't just give us assignments every single day; he'll continue on the same subject so that everybody understands it."

Wagner says his students are part of his success as a teacher, and appreciates their support.

"I'm honored students think that highly that they would nominate me for something like that," said Wagner. "But it's quite an honor to have a student think of you that way when you put so much into them."

Congratulations to Axtell science teacher William Wagner on becoming NTV's Outstanding Teacher.