High Winds Cause Difficulties for Crews Battling Several Fires Thursday

Courtesy: KRVN

Windy conditions kept many fire crews busy on Thursday as fires popped up all over the state, endangering towns and causing smoky hazes that caused several traffic slow-downs.

Multiple departments responded to a fire at a home northwest of Lexington where winds that reached up to 60 miles per hour kept the fire blazing.

Officials believe the fire was started by the homeowner who was searching for a squirrel in the duct work of the home using a mechanical trouble light, which is believed to have caught materials in the duct work on fire.

The wind pushed embers out into an open field keeping fire crews busy.

Across the state in Bradshaw, firefighters were busy for several hours working to extinguish a field fire that at one point looked to be a threat to the Bradshaw community.

Crews were called to the field filled with corn stubble around 11:15 a.m. Thursday. They worked about three hours to put out the flames.

Smoke from the fire led to the need for officials to direct traffic along a portion of Highway 34.

Bradshaw Fire Chief Todd Hellerich says firefighters would douse the flames, but the wind would ignite embers. He feared those gusts would carry embers into Bradshaw and threaten buildings, but crews managed to finally extinguish the fire.