BBB: Phishing Scam Targets Netflix Subscribers


The Better Business Bureau says scammers have found another opportunity to steal personal information from consumers.

They say Netflix subscribers are being targeting with a new email phishing scam.

Victims of this scam will be led to a phony webpage that resembles the Netflix login page. Then upon entering their account information, the website will claim that account has been suspended and requires a call to a fake customer service line.

After calling, the "representative" will recommend that a "support software" be downloaded. That is what gives the scammer full access to the victim's computer.

BBB President and CEO Jim Hegarty says these scammers are taking advantage of Netflix's good reputation and leading a number of people to fall for this scam.

The BBB says there are three things consumers should be on the lookout for to avoid falling for this scam. They say the phone number listed in the email does not match that listed by Netflix, the webpage that opens is a popup, and the "representative" will ask to login to the computer via remote software.

To avoid this scam and others like it, the BBB recommends:

  • Never let someone login to your computer remotely.
  • Do not click links in emails.
  • If the URL seems odd, do not continue to the website.
  • Always look up a company's phone number on their website.

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