'Be Safe, Be Smart' New Safety Campaign for Kearney Cruise Nite


'Be Safe, Be Smart' -- that's the message a new community coalition hopes to bring to Cruise Nite.

Activities are already underway, but it's the weekend festivities that can go overboard.

Community leaders are taking a new approach to help property owners, especially along 25th Street.

"It comes from a lot of different perspectives to really think about your safety as well as the safety of others," said Buffalo County Community Partner's Denise Zwiener. "And just being smart, using common sense, making a plan where you're going, seeking permission from property owners, just as you would any other activity that you're doing."

Law enforcement officials say with thousands of visitors coming to the area for this event, it's important for residents to set limits by telling people they care about their property.

"Don't step on my property, if you do we'll ask you to leave, if you don't and if you refuse to leave we'll call the police," said Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch. "I don't think anybody objects to people being in the area and and watching the cars, it's the behaviors that come with the imbibing and level of intoxication that's there."

Officials hope this campaign will see continued progress in future Cruise Nite activities.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Signs are still available for property and homeowners along 24-27th streets, and can be picked up at the Buffalo County Community Coalition office.