Beaver City Fire Shocks Residents


By Nick Starling

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Two buildings caught ablaze early Sunday morning in Beaver City.

The fire started around 4 Sunday morning and crews rushed to the scene to stop the blaze.

The only bar and mechanic shop in Beaver City were the victims of a fiery morning.

The restaurant and bar, Brandin' Iron, was totaled and right next to it, the Strayer Motor Company suffered a severe blow.

Firefighters from across the area teamed up to battle the blaze.

Century old brick buildings collapsed before the break of dawn.

"The Brandin' Iron was the only one on fire at that time and we got the hoses out," said Beaver City firefighter Phillip White.

As Brandin' Iron employee Jackie Cunningham looks at the remains...all that's on her mind is complete shock.

"I come downtown and the first thing I see is the building on fire and I couldn't believe it. It was a complete shock," said Cunningham.

Lee Strayer is the Beaver City fire chief and has owned his company for over 50 years.

"They said the Brandin' Iron was on fire and I knew it was right next door to my place and I took off as quick as possible to get up here," said Strayer.

He looses not only half his building but four classic cars, sent to black ashes.

"I own quite a few antique cars I was trying to get those out," said Strayer.

Kathy Wilmot didn't know what to expect as she drove into town.

"It was just an orange glow across the whole town. At that point you really wonder how much of the town is really burning. Then as I got closer and came here there were flames all over...I mean real high," said Wilmot.

Beaver City residents reminisce about the century old structures land marking their lives.

"It's a piece of history in Beaver City," said former Beaver City resident Jim Maaske.

Now after the dust settles...the community can rebuild.

"It's going to take a hit but it will come back with community help," said White.

"You work so hard to get something going so long and to have a fire destroy it in a matter of seconds," said Cunningham.

Right now there still isn't a cause.

The bright spot is that no one was severely injured.

And something that a lot of the community was looking forward to is Eager Beaver days...that's coming up in September.