Behind the Scenes of Harvest of Harmony 2012


Thousands came out to see the 71st Harvest of Harmony Parade.

The 2012 Grand Island Chamber of Commerce's Harvest of Harmony parade took months of organizing, and behind the scenes on parade day it was all in the hands of volunteers to make sure everything went as planned, especially on a day that was one of the coldest the event has had in recent memory.

Parade Chairman J.J. Green said the most difficult part is making sure groups don't get lost as volunteers line up the bands, the cars, and the floats.

Green said "It's been quite a project, and it's an organized chaos."

The volunteers are mostly unseen and the parade watchers don't see how they've kept that chaos organized, behind the fine tuned harmony of the floats, the queens, and the convertibles.

Tom Graves has been a volunteer in the parade for more than 30 years. Graves said, "What a lot of people don't see is what goes on behind the scenes, anytime you get 210 entries in a parade that takes a lot of organization and a lot of people."

Green said they had over 500 people including those with the chamber, and nearly the entire police department lending a hand and to keep the parade organized. ?

But as the band members stepped off the school buses, they noticed a different kind of obstacle.

Students said the warm-up was their biggest challenge. ?

Alex Pinell, a drum major, said his biggest challenge was, "keeping them all in step, keeping their instruments up, they're really cold, and they're trying to get warmed up and they're kind of slouching a little bit."

But in the end, the audience saw an energetic and successful Harvest of Harmony Parade.