"Bicycle Sunday" Promotes Kearney's Hike Bike Trails


If you've been looking for a fun family activity, you may want to hit the trails...the hike-bike trails that is.

Kearney's Park and Recreation department hosted its first ever "Bicycle Sunday," promoting the city's paths. The trail goes from Cottonmill Park all the way to South 2nd Avenue, giving riders a safer option than hitting the streets.

Officials say having these trails helps make Kearney more of a biker friendly community.

"If you've never been out here to Kearney Park and Rec trails, the trails we have out here are just awesome," said KPR's Joe Krepel. "So we just wanted to give people the chance to come out here and reward them, to come out here and those who don't use them to come out and see how nice our trails really are."

"It's just a reminder that they're out here. We don't live in town so we don't get to bring our bikes out as often as we like," said Gibbon resident Carey Althizer. "It's a reminder of 'Hey, this is something extra we could do'".

Checkpoints from area groups promoting family activities were available for riders on Sunday. Kearney Park and Recreation Department plans to make this an annual event.