Big Apple Fun Center


Bright lights, fun for everyone, imaginations running wild, in this week's One Tank Trip we're heading to the Big Apple. No not quite all the way to New York but to the Big Apple Fun Center in Kearney.
For a slice of fun, go no further than the Big Apple Fun Center in Kearney. An apple a day means fun for the entire family. They have everything from an arcade, to bowling, to ballocity, go karts, and even a sports bar for adults.
For something for the kids to do in the winter and the parents to come in and actively participate in is a big plus for them and they've let us know that," said General Manager Kenny Owen.
Located right off of I-80, the Big Apple is what some parent's need after that long drive.
"The interstate provides a lot of traffic for us," Owen said. "People stop here when they're on the road between Omaha and Denver and have their kids come in and get all tired before they get back on the road."
Winter is their busiest season with many looking to strike up a lot of fun.
"If you can't have fun working here, where can you have fun at work?" asked Owen.
Having fun in a big way at a place sharing the name with the city that never sleeps.
The Big Apple Fun Center is open year round. Go karts and mini golf outside will be open this summer. The fun center has a lot of league bowlers, so management says the best bet is to call ahead to scope out the best open lanes.

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