Big City Girl Meets Nebraska Farm Boy


A big city girl meets a Nebraska farm boy at an Ivy League school, deciding to trade White Mountains for the Great Plains.

In this era of industrial agriculture, farmers are becoming more creative in finding ways to make a profit, and for Matt and Anne Burkholder, working together makes everything easier.

Matt's grandfather was involved with the alfalfa dehy business in Ohio before WWII.

After graduating from an Ivy League school with a degree in engineering, Matt decided to take his skills from the coast back to the farmland.

"Essentially I'm an alfalfa grower. I'm in charge of all our crop production and running our dehydrator," Matt said.

But Matt doesn't work alone.

16 years ago, the Dartmouth College couple met and decided to move back to Nebraska to take over the 5,000-acre farm in Cozad.

With each other's help plus their three daughters, the Burkholders say their family farm is able to thrive in this era of industrial agriculture.

"I love the old–fashioned farming feel and the values that our kids grow up with, but I'm also interested enough in science that as new technologies get on board that help us do a good job on our farm, it makes an interesting blend of the old and new to make us modern and continue to do a better job," said Anne.

Aside from running a business and taking care of her family, Anne also runs a blog detailing life on a farm. Connect with Anne and the Burkholder family at