Big Donation for Buffalo County Historical Society


The Buffalo County Historical Society has announced the receipt of a $50,000 donation. The contribution from Andrea Lowe brings the BCHS one step closer to reaching their goal.

The historical society is trying to raise $3.1 million for a new building that will hold all of the records of families throughout Buffalo County history.

A new building will also allow more displays for the museum and will provide space for more events to be hosted.

Other features of the updates include handicapped accessible bathrooms, better parking and a better storm shelter.

The historical society expressed why this update is important, why it's important to preserve the county's records.

"It's just showcasing where you came from. Where did your family come from? What trials did they have to go through just to get here and settle down, And we have all those fascinating stories," explained Jennifer Murrish, executive director of the Buffalo County Historical Society. "We're here to share it and show people again how far we've come but how much further can we go."

If the historical society meets its goal they will double the amount of space they currently have.

They still have a ways to go, with more than $2 million left to be raised before they reach their $3.1 million goal.