Big Improvements to Schools in Central Nebraska


More than a thousand administrators and education leaders were in Kearney Wednesday for a teachers conference. Central Nebraska schools are making big changes to improve education.

Adams Central is finishing up a $800,000 project to renovate their science rooms because their old ones were outdated.

Ogallala K-8 students will be moving in to a new $15 million facility in the fall. This will bring all their elementary schools together.

Ord Public Schools are excited about a program for 8th graders -- a business leadership class to improve skills.

At Holdrege they’ll be giving each student a chrome-book. They have been working on making this possible the past the couple of years.

Loup City is very excited to be moving up from 8-man football to 11-man football by teaming up with Arcadia High School.

The Nebraska education commissioner told administrators at the beginning of the conference to find out their students’ career goals. He wants superintendents, principals and teachers finding out what each student wants to do when they grow up.

“A lot of time just focused on can they read for comprehension, we really have to start trying together -- reading to learn and reading to advance students,” said Nebraska Education Commissioner Matt Blomstedt.