Big Red Express Whistle Stop Tour a Historical Event for Kearney


History is relived in Kearney on Saturday, as the Union Pacific railroad and University of Nebraska joined forces in a once in a lifetime celebration.

The Union Pacific railroad brought in Husker coaches and staff to Kearney for the first, and possibly only, Whistle Stop tour.

Union Pacific officials issued a proclamation for the city because of it's historical significance, and local officials couldn't be prouder.

"This is a very exciting day for the Union Pacific, so we were able to get the Big Red Express and stop here in Kearney, Nebraska," said U. P. President and C.O.O. Lance Fritz. "Celebrating the heritage of Union Pacific, and serving Kearney since 1866 and the University of Nebraska since 1869, both great institutions."

"Kearney played a big part in the development of the Union Pacific and vice versa, so the relationship between Kearney and the Union Pacific and Kearney and Kearney area is huge," said Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse. "So when you bring in the University of Nebraska, the U. P., the city of Kearney and Kearney surrounding community all in one place it's just a natural fit."

Railroad officials say this Whistle Stop tour is not planned to be an annual event. They also made stops in Grand Island, North Platte and Columbus.