Big Red Rundo Ameer Abdullah Decides His Future


Statementfrom Nebraska Junior I-Back Ameer Abdullah:

Iwould like to start off by thanking everyone for their patience as I reachedthis decision. I cannot begin to tell you how truly thankful I am for theHusker coaching staff, my teammates, and the Nebraska fans. My time here atNebraska has been memorable and more than I could have ever hoped. It is trulyan honor to play for this program.

Asyou know, since the midway point the season I have been asked, repeatedly,whether I would return for my senior season. In reaching my decision I have hadto consider a number of factors such as my family's economic condition, myprojected draft position, and my long term success, not just in football, butin life in general. In order to fully understand my decision one must know whoI am and where I come from.

Icome from a very modest upbringing. As the youngest of my parents' ninechildren, I have had to fight for just about everything I have gotten. Despitethese apparent obstacles, my parents were able to instill in their children theimportance of family, education, and taking advantage of life's manyopportunities.

Inholding true to these values, all of my siblings have completed their collegeeducation with many of them even going on to obtain advanced degrees. Despitemy family's tradition of completing its college education, I find myself in avery unique situation of having to decide between pursing my dream of playingin the National Football League and breaking from my family's tradition ofcompleting our education.

Whileit may be true that none of my siblings were presented with the possibility ofplaying professional sports, it is equally true that the average NFL career,because of the violent nature of the sport, is less than five years. Inanalyzing these truths, I have come to realize that life is bigger thanfootball, and that my chances of long-term success in life will be greatlyenhanced by completing my college education. Although I have always wanted toplay in the NFL, at this time I would like to formally announce my intentionsof returning to Nebraska for my senior season.

Ifplaying in the NFL is truly in God's plans for me, then God will again presentthis opportunity to me after I complete my college education.

Statementfrom Head Coach Bo Pelini:

Iknow Ameer was very thoughtful about his decision and, as you would expect withAmeer, he has handled this the right way. As I have told Ameer and otherplayers who have had to make this same choice, I fully support whateverdecision they make, and am willing to help in any way I possibly can.

Ameercomes from a great family, has great character and is a great leader in ourprogram. He stands for all the right things as a student-athlete, and I know itis important for him to leave the University of Nebraska with a degree.

Welook forward to having Ameer represent the Nebraska football program foranother season. Ameer has the opportunity to leave a legacy at Nebraska thatwill put him among the all-time greats to play here. He is a young man that isdeserving of being a leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy and othernational awards in 2014.

Courtesy UNL Sports Information