Big Red Rundo Husker Practice in Full Pads


HuskersPractice in Full Pads for First Time

Lincoln, Neb. – TheNebraska football team practiced for two hours in full pads inside the HawksChampionship Center on Wednesday as the Huskers continue spring workouts.

"We got an awful lot accomplished on the first couple days,"Pelini said. "I like the tempo. It's obviously where you thought you'd be.We're working everybody. We have a lot of guys at different levels. We'reseeing progress and also understanding three days in, we have a long way to go.I kind of like how the first couple days have gone."

Pelini also talked about offensive lineman Alex Lewis, saying hehas the potential to be a good player.

"I think he's picked things up pretty good," Pelini said. "Heplays with a good motor. He has experience, which obviously helps. He likes tocompete and that's a good thing."

Pelini added his thoughts about Jamal Turner at the quarterbackposition.

"He's worked at quarterback before," Pelini said. "It's not likesomething new. He's a receiver that we could have a package for if we chooseto."

In addition Pelini spoke about defensive lineman Randy Gregory,saying "he hasn't even touched the surface of what he's going to become."

Pelini added, "(Gregory) has been a lot better football playerthese first three days than he was a year ago. I think he's more comfortablethan he was a year ago. He's more technically sound. He's getting bigger. He'sgetting stronger. Like I said, he's got a lot ahead of him. He's got a long wayto go as far as reaching what he can. He didn't even know what he didn't knowlast year. Randy has the chance to be a great player."

The Huskers return to the practice field on Friday. Nebraska'sSpring Game is set for Saturday, April 12 at 2 p.m.

Courtesy UNL Sports Information