Big Red Rundo Spring Practice Report


Lincoln, Neb.- The Nebraska football team beganits second full week of spring season practice on Monday, practicing indoorsfor two and a half hours in full pads.

Followingpractice, Tommy Armstrong met with the local media to talk about the springseason, beginning with the areas he is working on.

"I'mjust working on making smarter decisions," Armstrong said."Leadership is going to come. Making better decisions and putting myteammates in the best possible place is the main thing I need to focus on thisyear."

Amajor factor in Armstrong's success this season will be the play ofNebraska's offensive line. On Monday Armstrong expressed his confidence intheir ability to get the job done.

"Lastyear we had a bunch of guys who rotated, and this year we're pretty much doingthe same thing," Armstrong said. "I feel like it just takes time.This spring we're putting a bunch of different guys in different places just tosee how they do. Overall, I think the offensive line corps are all on the samepage."

Armstrong alsonoted the impression redshirt freshman running back Adam Taylor has made so farthis spring.

"(Adam)Taylor has worked hard," Armstrong said. "He's still young, butat the same time he's been working. He shows it in the weight room, off thefield and on the field. He's strong, he's physical and he goes out there andruns hard."

IncludingTaylor, Armstrong is excited about Nebraska's entire backfieldand believes the team has a good head start on the coming season.

"Ithink we have a good squad coming into next year," Armstrong said."The main thing is having everybody on the same page and this year we feellike we have a bunch of backs ready to go."

Nebraskareturns to the practice field on Wednesday to continue its second full week ofspring practice. The Huskers will also practice on Thursday evening beforebreaking for Spring Break, and then resuming spring workouts on March 31.

Courtesy of UNL Media Relations