Big Red Rundo Thursday Practice Report


HuskersWorking Through Finals Week

Lincoln, Neb. - The Nebraskafootball team practiced for 90 minutes inside the Hawks Championship Center onThursday in preparation for its New Year's Day bowl game against Georgia. HeadCoach Bo Pelini spoke to the media following practice, as the Huskers finishedtheir third of five practices this week.

"We have had a goodweek of practice so far, we started on Saturday and we have worked on throughduring finals week," Pelini said. "These guys will wrap up finals tomorrow andwe will practice with workouts tomorrow and Saturday. We will let them go forthe holidays, and we will get them back here on Christmas night."

Pelini mentioned thatthe Huskers have had some pretty good practices since starting Georgia preplast Saturday, noting that the majority of the Husker football team is finallygetting healthy.

"I think they havehit the ground running. We were a little bit rusty obviously when we startedlast Saturday. I think we have picked it up and we have had good tempo and somegood practices," Pelini said. "Our health is getting back together, right nowpretty much everyone has been practicing with the exception of Taylor(Martinez)."

Pelini added thisabout Martinez, who has only played in four games in his senior season.

"He (Martinez) willbe out for the game--I should say not 100 percent, but it looks like he will beout for the game," Pelini said.

With Martinezsidelined with an injury, most likely keeping him out of the bowl game, Peliniadded that the situation this season has been tough for Martinez. Pelini saidhe feels for Martinez, who will most likely have to sit his final gameopportunity in a Husker uniform.

"I think it is hard,this whole season has been hard on him and obviously it is not ideal, and notthe way you want to see him go out," Pelini said. "I feel for him, it has beena difficult deal, but he is not 100 percent yet."

Pelini also discussedNebraska's schedule for bowl practice, and how it has fit into the month ofDecember.

"I think for all of our youngguys these practices are important, I think I said it is a little bit differentschedule than the way the bowls used to be," Pelini said. "You play so muchlater--you used to be your season was over in the middle of November so youcould almost have a spring practice (Before the bowl game) It isn't quite likethat, the season, you have an extra bye week and it starts later."

The Huskers and Bulldogs face off Wednesday, Jan. 1 in the Gator Bowl at noon (CST). The game will be televised on ESPN2.

Courtesy UNL Sports Information