Drought Might Impact Your Christmas


You might be hearing familiar jingles on the radio or may have even seen some Christmas lights around town; now the smell of pine is starting to fill the air.

But Nebraska grown trees aren't quite as magical as previous years. Stores have a large variety, but they have a slim presentation.

Trees being sold at Earl May in Grand Island are shipped in from Michigan, because of that representatives say they are in great condition.

However, some Nebraska grown tree's might not be in such great condition because of the drought. The conditions will vary from retailer to retailer.

Dave Korensky from Earl May says trees raised in Nebraska were definitely impacted by Nebraska's dry conditions.

"All the trees - live trees this year have suffered because of the drought," Korensky said. "Not enough moisture. We've been encouraging people to water even the oldest trees to make sure they get plenty of water. Especially going into winter."

Fortunately, the drought hasn't seemed to be stopping anyone from purchasing trees.

Many shops are expecting to stay busy until the week before Christmas.