Bill to Keep Elderly in Own Homes Wins Approval After Gov. Veto


A bill that would provide millions of dollars in federal and state funding to help elderly Nebraskans stay in their homes has won approval from lawmakers, despite a veto.

Lawmakers voted in favor of the bill to override Gov. Dave Heineman's veto on Thursday with the minimum 30 votes required.

The proposal would direct Nebraska to apply for a federal grant that would help pay for in-home services. If approved, it would cost Nebraska about $8.2 million over the next two years, while the federal government would provide $36.4 million.

Sen. Kate Bolz of Lincoln said her measure would help keep more of Nebraska's elderly out of nursing homes, which, she said, ends up being more expensive.

Heineman said that the cause is worthy but argued against the bill because he believes more of the cost will eventually shift to the state.