Biodiesel Pumps Popping Up Across Nebraska


Since the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was passed by Congress, the demand for biodiesel fuels has been increasing.

Biodiesel is made up of 55 percent soybeans, 30 percent beef, pork and poultry fat and 15 percent recycled cooking oils. Potential retailers have the chance to be awarded grants to invest in equipment to build biodiesel pumps. The Nebraska Soybean Board is offering up to $60,000 per station for blending reimbursements.

"What we're offering to do is to help them with the design and development of putting in a blender pump," Victor Bohuslavsky , the Nebraska Soybean Board executive director said. "Then we work out the program where they get a credit for a product that they go through or they use to help them get their investment back."

In addition to the grant money, the board will provide technical assistance and monitoring.

"The blending of the pumps at the station will help get more consumers to be able to use the product at different levels," Bohuslavsky said. "For example 5 percent- 2 percent levels they'd be utilizing."

In 2011 the U.S. sold 1.1 billion gallons of the product. Next year, the board is expecting 1.3 billion gallons to be used.

Click here for a map of biodiesel retailers in your area.