Boots for Everybody


Bootshave become the Fall and Winter staple in every wardrobe. But when looking tostay on trend with your boot selection, should you choose the flat equestrianstyle even if they are not the most flattering for your short legs? Here aresome tips for picking out the perfect fashion forward boots for your body type.

Petite Figures:

Best Options: A bootie or tall boots with a heel.

Style Tip: Pair any heeled boot with matching opaque tights, leggings orpants to add the illusion of more length.

Avoid: Flat and Knee High styles tucked into jeans.

Curvy & Pear Figures:

Best Options: Tall boots with a stacked heel. Tall figures can also pull offflat styles.

Style Tip: Tuck jeans into boots with an exposed sock to add more length.

Avoid: Mid calf styles and stiletto heels.

Apple Figures:

Best Options: A chunky boot like a wedge or slouch boot to make the calfmore relevant.

Style Tip: Look for boots with a wide calf size option.

Avoid: Skinny stretch boots.

Calf Size:

The key is to find a boot that hits just above the fullest part of your calf.Avoid drawing attention to the fullest part of your calf. Find your sweet spotby measuring the length from your instep (the top of the foot, not your arch)to the top of the fullest part of your calf, this will be the height you shouldaim for.

Toe Shape:

To camouflage larger feet, choose a round toe. To create length, choose apointed toe.