Bosselmans Taste Success with Cinnabon Strategy


"Would you like a Cinnabon today?"
Pump & Pantry manager Maranda Johnson has her sales pitch down.
"Coffee and Cinnabon go great together, especially on a cold day," she said. If you want to fill your tank and your tummy, there's only one convenience store chain in the country you can find Cinnabon, and that's Pump & Pantry.
The head of the family run Bosselman Companies says they have plans to bring more national brands to their stores, and that Cinnabon is just the beginning. Charlie Bosselman said, "Our company's strength is managing operations. Designing, building, sustaining, we can do that, but it takes so much of our resources. It's easier for us to find good concepts and work through them and we do a great job at that." That's also the thought behind turning Grandma Max's at the Grand Island Travel Center into Quaker Steak and Lube, a beer and wing joint for race fans. "Our family has a long history with cars, racing, everything around that," Bosselman said. Charlie's late father Chuck Bosselman used to race cars. Charlie's found his passion on the football field with the Danger indoor team. He said, "We still don't have that trophy yet, but we're hoping for one this year."
The team came up one minute short, losing in the league title game.
The blue and green of the Danger is the new color pallet for the stores too, and mascot Bones has been replacing the Sinclair dinosaur.
Inside, Bosselman says all the restrooms will be updated. "We made a concerted effort to update stores inside and outside," he said.
In the past they tried a Pump & Pantry line of hotels. They have a few of those, including in Broken Bow and Burwell.
But as they've done with the stores, they're going with name brands now, like Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, and Motel 6 in the eastern part of the state, along with more convenience stores there. Bosselman said, "We're looking at Omaha and Lincoln a lot stronger, looking outside of state now, to continue to grow."
And as far as the Danger goes, they'll be unveiling new uniforms this season. Name brand soft pretzels and ice cream could be the next treats sold by the Bosselmans. Cinnabon is part of Focus Brands, which also includes Carvel ice cream and Auntie Anne's pretzels.
They also plan to launch a Quaker Steak and Lube in Omaha, and one in either Kansas City or Des Moines.