Boy Scouts Help Set Markers For Lincoln Centennial


When planning an event authenticity is important, especially when the event is based on historical events.

Boy Scouts played a key role when the Lincoln Highway was built. They were tasked with erecting sign posts along the route.

Last Wednesday, Boy Scout Troop 139 helped do the exact same thing along the new section of original brick highway just installed at the Great Platte River Archway.

"Boy Scouts rode across the United States promoting efforts to promote the highway," said Kearney Visitor's Bureau's Sarah Focke. "So we had the Boy Scouts come and be a part of this event by helping plant and bury some Lincoln Highway historical markers."

Two other markers will be installed at different locations throughout Kearney. Dedication of this marker and bricks will be at the Archway at 1 p.m. on Monday, July 1st.