'Brats, Burgers and Beer' Fundraiser Helps Both Kearney Rotary Organizations


Two groups with the same focus join together to continue helping those in their community and around the world.

The Kearney Dawn and Noon Rotaries hosted their sixth annual "Brats, Burgers and Beer" fundraiser on Monday.

Projects that the clubs take interest in include giving dictionaries to third graders in Buffalo County and helping eradicate polio around the world.

Officials say the help of the community is a driving force for their success.

"One-hundred percent pretty much with Rotary always goes to the project we work on," said event co-chair Paul Stec. "We're all volunteers, no one's getting paid, so the money's all going to worthwhile projects."

Their goal is to raise between four- to five-thousand dollars at the fundraiser, with the money being split between both groups for their projects.