Breast Cancer Awareness- Nurse Navigation


      What is nurse navigation?

      "Support and guidance offered to vulnerable persons withabnormal cancer screening or a cancer diagnosis with the goal of overcomingbarriers to timely, quality care." (Wells et all, 2008)

      Who is a nurse navigator?

      A trained individual who has the necessary skills and havethe appropriate qualities to act as compassionate, effective guide in bridgingthe gaps to help patients, their caregivers, and their families.

      • Facilitate access to care,
      • Skilled communicator and listener,
      • Knowledgeable of cancer resources and systems,
      • Acts as an empathic patient advocate, and
      • Provides information and education.

      GSH Proposed Navigation Model

      Screening /Diagnosis---{>} Treatment---{>} Survivorship

      Getting into Contact

      • Referrals from Surgeon's Office (most frequent),
      • Referrals from Medical Oncology Office (limited),
      • Referrals from Primary Health Care Provider (very limited), and
      • Patient referrals.
      • Contact can occur at anytime during the cancer journey.

      Oncology Nurse Navigation has proven to be beneficial for cancer patients in reducing barriers, decreasing stress, empowering patients and to provide a sense of security in a very scary time of their lives.

      The Good Samaritan Hospital Cancer Center nurse navigators can be called upon at any time in a cancer patient's journey.

      For more information, call Lynne Beckstead at 308.865.7295, Marcia Stephens at 308.865.7883 or Shanna Gillming at 308.865.7294.