Bridal Show Means Big Business For Local Vendors


A localevent continues to grow with more than 600 people attending a Grand Islandbridal show.

In theHeartland Bridal Expo's ninth year, vendor Roses for You hasn't missed one.

"Wewouldn't miss a year," said co-owner Andy Znamenacek. "You can be in a lot ofdifferent forms of advertising, but you can't get the exclusive exposure to thebrides like you can at the bridal show."

"Thiskind of sets the stage for their business for the entire year," said showproducer Hollie Klimek.

Klimeksaid a new trend for the area is brides not messing around.

"Peoplehave the dates set. They're set within a year, very determined, let's get thisdone," she said.

That'sthe case for bride-to-be Amanda Kone, engaged in October.

"Probablywithin two weeks of getting engaged I had the date decided," said theKearney woman.

Now Koneis focusing on the details of her fall wedding.

"Itook a lot of pictures and my bridesmaids are here helping me; and so we've gota lot of really good ideas," she said.

Bymid–afternoon Saturday, the number of brides attending was up by 50 from lastyear.

"Thedoors open at 12:30 p.m.; by 1:30 p.m. we had already seen our attendance over400," said Klimek.

Shesaid that's a good sign for the local and national vendors participating.

Klimeksaid another trend she's seeing is more grooms getting involved in theplanning.