Brie Filet Sandwich


  • (2) 8 oz. filets grilled to medium-rare, cooled and sliced thinly

  • garlic butter

  • 2-3 petite brie wedges cut into several smaller pieces each

  • 1/2 tbs blonde roux

  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream

  • white wine for de-glazing

  • 2-4 onion buns (Apple Market-Deli Section)

  • lettuce and tomato

  • 1 medium julienned onion

  • 1 tbs brown sugar

  • 3 saucepans

Heat garlic butter in one saucepan, add sliced filets until cooked to desired temperature (medium-rare, medium, well). De-glaze with white wine.

In second saucepan place garlic butter (sliced horizontally) onion rolls (butter side down). Toast until golden brown.

in third saucepan add garlic butter. Heat over medium-high heat, cook the onion. Cook until onions are halfway caramelized. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Continue cooking until onions are nicely browned. De-glaze at this point.

Brie Cheese Sauce

Combine roux and heavy cream. Heat over medium heat until sauce thickens. Stir in brie. Stir occasionally until sauce is smooth (or leave a little chunky if desired).

Place filet on toasted buns, place onions on filet. Drizzle brie sauce over onions and meat. Serve with lettuce and tomato.