Broken Bow Feedlot Ordered to Pay for Violating Federal Program Regulations


A Broken Bow feed lot has been ordered to pay more than $127,000 in back wages to 68 of its employees.

Adams Land and Cattle Co. was also ordered to pay $101,600 in penalties for violations of federal program that allows nonimmigrant foreign workers to work in the U.S. in the agriculture field for temporary or seasonal jobs.

The voluntary H-2A program allows employers to hire these workers when there is a shortage of domestic employees.

The Labor Department announced Wednesday that the company failed to pay the required wage rate to employees, which led the company to owing over $100,000 in back wages.

They're also accused of rejecting U.S. applicants in favor of hiring foreign employees and paying U.S. employees less than H-2A workers.

"Employers who chooseto participate in the voluntary H-2A program must realize they are required tofollow all of the labor standards of the program," stated Michael Staebell, district director of the Wage and Hour Division in DesMoines. "When that same employercertifies that he cannot find enough U.S. workers to work in his business, hemust also assume the responsibility of learning the specifics of this program."

Currently, Adams Land and Cattle Co. has ceased using H-2A workers at its facilities.