Broken Bow Marching Band Gears up for Harvest of Harmony


As kids are picking back up in the classroom, fall activities are starting back up too.

Harvest of Harmony is considered a right of passage for area band students, and it's an event the community loves to get out and support.

However, preparations leading up to the big event can be a bit stressful for both students and directors.

"It's just like anything, the more time you put into it, the more you get out of it. So it's just a lot of hours working with the kids and getting in as much one on one and then small ensemble time as we can get in," said Broken Bow director Bill Reichter.

Broken Bow will be one of the larger bands this year to perform, and while they are down a few students from last year, the kids all agree it's their director that makes all the difference in their success.

Junior Wheeler Walz says, "Just the way he directs and he picks songs that he knows we'll like and he works with us really well and knows his stuff. He always has a good time with us."

Sophomore Tyler Wilson agreed saying, "Mr. Reichter's awesome. He's probably the best band teacher I've ever had."

And while such high praise is flattering to him, after forty years of directing at Broken Bow he has a more modest explanation.

"I've taught a lot of these kids' parents. So it makes a difference if you've been somewhere for a longtime," he says.

And though the love of music and events like Harvest of Harmony are some of the reasons Reichter's last forty years have been so rewarding, he says the rewards go much deeper.

"Working with the kids without question. Once you've been in a community this long you get to see them grow up from childhood on, and like I said I know a lot of their parents cause they were my former students. So that's very rewarding.